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Description: GSA
The Girls’ Schools Association is a membership organisation that champions girls and their teachers so that they have the best chances to excel in the lives they choose to lead. An expert in girls’ education, GSA defends girls’ best interests and regularly commissions rigorous research to demonstrate the modern relevance and enduring power of a girls-only education.
Its 152 schools-strong membership is made up of Heads from a diverse range of independent and state girls’ schools, including many of the top performing in the UK. Together they educate over 90,000 students.
Rigorous research compellingly proves the power of a girls’ education built for girls. The facts are that girls’ schools are crucial to achieving gender equality; they level the playing field for girls and consistently campaign for the benefit of girls and women, and always have. The data consistently shows that girls thrive in all-girls educational environments: girls in girls’ schools are more confident and emotionally in control; girls in GSA schools are significantly more likely to study STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects, and take up and continue to play sport. Combining exceptional academic provision (most progress to top universities) with a deep understanding of what girls need to thrive, GSA schools put girls first to foster their courage, curiosity, and self-belief in their abilities, and ambitions.
Modern girls’ schools offer an array of options to suit every family and pupil including day, boarding, junior, senior, large, small, urban or rural, with each offering every girl numerous opportunities to fully realise their potential as active, equal, confident and competent women. GSA alumnae are testament to the power of an all-girls education, and many are world-renowned women forging brighter futures for the next generation of change makers. Excelling in all careers, including the traditionally male-dominated professions, they include scientists, international campaigners and activists, artists and actresses, foreign correspondents, Olympic medallists, and businesswomen.
GSA schools are similarly respected internationally and have an impressive global reputation. Fostering the highest standards of education, pastoral care and co-curricular activity, alongside a wealth of extra-curricular opportunity in art, music, drama, sport and more. They share experience, specialisms, events, and facilities in a variety of cross-sector school partnerships, and many GSA schools offer bursaries to extend the opportunity further to more families and pupils.
A powerful, well-respected association within the educational establishment, GSA is committed to enhancing the understanding of the benefits of girls’ schools, always working to inform and influence the national and international education debate, and commissioning, conducting, and collating pertinent research. In addition to acting as advocate, GSA provides its members and their schools with professional development courses, conferences, advice, and opportunities to debate and share best practice.
The GSA works closely with the Association of School and College Leaders, is a member of the Independent Schools Council, and joins hands with organisations in the UK and internationally – such as the Association of State Girls’ School (UK), the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (US) and the Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia – in the interests of girls’ education worldwide.
GSA’s goal is to create the world as it should be, a place where every girl can achieve and lead; and it is GSA’s belief that a girl’s education gives girls the skills and appetite to recognise their full talents, and rightfully realise brilliant lives.
Officers 2023–2024
Marina Gardiner Legge
Oxford High School GDST
Heather Hanbury
Lady Eleanor Holles School
President Elect:
Sarah Matthews
Truro High School for Girls
Committee Chairs
Liz Hewer
St George’s School, Ascot
Helen Jeys
Manchester High School for Girls
Heidi-Jayne Boyes
Wakefield Girls' High School
Junior and Prep:
Nina Kingsmill Moore
Glendower Preparatory School
Membership & Accreditation:
Jane Prescott
Portsmouth High School GDST
Fionnuala Kennedy
Wimbledon High School GDST
Safeguarding & Pastoral:
Will le Flemming
The Abbey
Sport and Wellness:
Sarah Rollings
Heathfield School
Matthew Shoults
Notting Hill & Ealing High School GDST
Regional Representatives
Jo Cameron
Richard Tillett
Queen's College London
Fiona Miles
Loughborough High School
North East:
Carole Cameron
Queen Mary's School, Thirsk
North West:
Nicola Smillie
Alderley Edge School for Girls
Anna Tomlinson
St Margaret's School for Girls, Aberdeen
South Central:
Jo Duncan
Wycombe Abbey School
South East:
Anna King
Notre Dame School
South West & Wales:
Jessica Miles
Monmouth School for Girls
Chief Executive:
Donna Stevens
Operations Director:
Imogen Vanderpump
Membership Director:
Sue Hincks
Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive:
Jeven Sharma
Membership Manager:
Jannette Davison
Conference & Events Manager:
Jennifer Purser
Head of Media & Communications:
Rachel Donati
Events & Communications Officer:
Alicia Buckleberry
Membership & Research Officer:
Mandy Lam
Rehana Alimahomed
Girls’ Schools Association
Suite 105, 108 New Walk, Leicester, LE1 7EA
Tel: 0116 254 1619 • email: office@gsa.uk.com • website: gsa.uk.com