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The Society of Heads
Description: The Society of Heads
The Society of Heads
The Society is an Association of Heads of over 120 well-established independent schools. It was founded in 1961 at a time when the need arose from the vitality and growth of the independent sector in the 1950s and the wish of a group of Heads to share ideas and experience.
The Society continues to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and consideration of the particular needs of its schools. All members value their independence, breadth in education and the pursuit of excellence, particularly in relation to academic standards.
The Society’s policy is to maintain high standards in member schools, to ensure their genuine independence, to foster an association of schools which contributes to the whole independent sector by its distinctive character and flexibility, to provide an opportunity for the sharing of ideas and common concerns, to promote links with the wider sphere of higher education, to strengthen relations with the maintained sector and with local communities.
Within the membership there is a wide variety of educational experience. Some schools are young, some have evolved from older foundations, some have behind them a long tradition of pioneer and specialist education, the great majority are now co-educational but we also have all-boys and all-girls schools. A good number of the member schools have a strong boarding element and others are day schools. Some have specific religious foundations and some are non-denominational. All offer a stimulating Sixth Form experience and at the same time give a sound and balanced education to pupils of widely varying abilities and interests.
The Society is one of the constituent Associations of the Independent Schools Council. Every Full Member school has been accredited through inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (or Estyn in Wales and HMIE in Scotland) and is subject to regular visits to monitor standards and ensure that good practice and sound academic results are maintained. The Society is also represented on many other educational bodies.
All members are in membership of the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) or other union for school leaders and Full Member schools belong to AGBIS or an equivalent professional body supporting governance.
There are also categories of Alliance and Alliance Overseas Membership to which Heads are elected whose schools do not fulfil all the criteria for Full Membership but whose personal contribution to the Society is judged to be invaluable. They are recorded separately at the end of the entries.
The Society has a one-day meeting for members in the autumn and summer terms and organises a two-day residential conference in the Easter term, and has an extensive professional development programme.
Officers 2019–2020
Chair: Roland Martin, City of London Freemen’s School
Vice-Chair: Lynne Horner, Westholme School
Chair Designate: Adrian Meadows, The Peterborough School
Hon Treasurer: Adrian Meadows, The Peterborough School
Committee 2019–2020
Roland Martin, City of London Freemen’s School
Lynne Horner, Westholme School
Adrian Meadows, The Peterborough School
Guy Ayling, Llandovery College
Chris Bouckley, Fulneck School
Frank Butt, Langley School
Andy Colpus, St Joseph’s College, Reading
Christine Cunniffe, LVS Ascot
Damian Ettinger, Cokethorpe School
Sue Hannam, Lichfield Cathedral School
Emma-Kate Henry, Head Designate, St Christopher School
David Holland, Hill House School
Julian Noad, Oswestry School
Sarah Raffray, St Augustine’s Priory
CEO: Clive Rickart
The Society of Heads
12 The Point, Rockingham Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire LE16 7QU
Tel: 01858 433760 • email: info@thesocietyofheads.org.uk
Members who are also members of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference:
Anton Maree, Ackworth School
Julian Noad, Oswestry
Magnus Bashaarat, Bedales Schools
Jesse Elzinga, Reading Blue Coat
Peter Harris, Birkdale School
Jaideep Barot, Bristol Grammar School
Mark Hoskins, Reed’s School
Roland Martin, City of London Freemen’s School
Rob Jones, Rendcomb College
Joanne Thomson, Clayesmore School
David Buxton, St Columba’s College
Damian Ettinger, Cokethorpe School
Rowena Cole, St John's School,
Miles Norris, Denstone College
James Davies, Halliford School
John Green, Seaford College
Alex Wilson, Hull Collegiate School
Tyrone Howe, Shiplake College
Daniel Berry, Kirkham Grammar School
Philip Rowe, Silcoates School
John Perriss, Langley School
Rebecca Glover, Surbiton High
Mark Wallace, Lincoln Minster School
George Budd, Moreton Hall
Mark Mortimer, Warminster School
Guy Ayling, Mount Kelly
Chris Staley, Wisbech Grammar School
Members who are also members of the Girls’ Schools Association:
George Budd, Moreton Hall
Sarah Raffray, St Augustine’s Priory School
Honorary Members
(former post in brackets)
John Aguilar (Principal, Padworth College)
Stephen Aiano (Headmaster, Bearwood College)
Geoffrey Allen (Headmaster, The Roman Ridge School)
Steph Bailey (Headmaster, The Royal Wolverhampton School)
Ron Balaam (Headmaster, Royal Russell School)
Mark Bedford (Headmaster, Thetford Grammar School)
David Beeby (Headmaster, Clayesmore School)
Nicholas Beesley (Headmaster, Beechwood Sacred Heart School)
Kathryn Bell (Head, Burgess Hill Girls)
Lee Bergin (Headmaster, North Cestrian Grammar School)
Graham Best (Headmaster, St John’s College, Southsea)
David Boddy (Headmaster, St James Senior Boys’ School)
Peter Bodkin (General Secretary, The Society of Heads)
Sue Bradley (Head, Stover School)
David Bryson (Headmaster, St Andrew’s School)
Keith Budge (Headmaster, Bedales School)
Philip Cantwell (Headmaster, The King’s School, Tynemouth)
David Chapman (Headmaster, Hampshire Collegiate School)
Anna Chaudhri (Head, Walden School)
Nicholas Chisholm (Headmaster, Yehudi Menuhin School)
Roger Clark (Headmaster, Battle Abbey School)
Sami Cohen (Headmaster, d’Overbroecks)
Timothy Cook (Headmaster, Portland Place School)
Martin Cooke (Headmaster, Clayesmore School)
Philip Cottam (Headmaster, Halliford School)
David Crawford (Headmaster, Colston’s School)
Michael Darley (Headmaster, Stafford Grammar School)
Gregg Davies (Headmaster, Shiplake College)
Sally Divall (Head, Stonar School)
Nicholas Dorey (Headmaster, Bethany School)
John Dunston (Headmaster, Leighton Park School)
Mark Eagers (Headmaster, Box Hill School)
Nick England (Headmaster, Ryde School)
Sarah Evans (Principal, King Edward VI High School for Girls)
Steve Fairclough (Headmaster, Abbotsholme School)
Darrell Farrant (Headmaster, Abbotsholme School)
Jonathan Forster (Principal, Moreton Hall)
Sue Freestone (Principal, King’s Ely)
Alastair Gloag (Headmaster, Rishworth School)
Michael Goodwin (Headmaster, Sibford School)
Allan Graham (Headmaster, Windermere St Anne’s School)
Richard Hadfield (Headmaster, The Read School)
Tony Halliwell (Principal, Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College)
Nick Hammond (Headmaster, Wisbech Grammar School)
Paul Harvey (Headmaster, St Edward’s School)
Carole Hawkins (Head, Royal School, Hampstead)
Rob Haworth (Headmaster, Hull Collegiate School)
Stuart Hay (Headmaster, St David’s College)
John Hewitt (Headmaster, Bredon School)
Stuart Higgins (Principal, King’s College Saint Michael’s)
Richard Hillier (Headmaster, The Yehudi Menuhin School)
Gerry Holden (Headmaster, Dover College)
Jonathan Insall-Reid (Headmaster, Claremont Fan Court School)
Catherine James (Headmistress, Farringtons School)
David Jarrett (Headmaster, Reed’s School)
Charles Johnson (Headmaster, The Duke of York’s Royal Military School)
Stephen Jones (Headmaster, Dover College)
Trevor Kernohan (Headmaster, Fulneck School)
Iain Kilpatrick (Headmaster, Sidcot School)
Michael Kirk (Headmaster, Royal Hospital School)
Tim Kirkup (Headmaster, Scarborough College)
Aaron Lennon (Headmaster, Beechwood Sacred Heart School)
Geoff Link (Headmaster, Stanbridge Earls School)
Martyn Long (Headmaster, Tettenhall College)
Chris Lumb (Headmaster, St Joseph’s College, Ipswich)
Tim Manning (Headmaster, Longridge Towers School)
James McArthur (Headmaster, Reading Blue Coat School)
Alex McGrath (Headmaster, Leighton Park School)
Linde Melhuish (Principal, Padworth College)
Edward Mitchell (Headmaster, Abbey Gate College)
Stephen Morris (Headmaster of The Cathedral School, Llandaff)
Mark Mortimer (Headmaster, Warminster School)
Howard Moxon (Headmaster, Stanbridge Earls School)
Ian Mullins (Licenced Victuallers’ School)
Deborah Newman (Principal, Fulneck School)
Isobel Nixon (Head, Scarborough College)
Thomas Packer (Headmaster, Teesside High School)
John Payne (Headmaster, Pierrepoint School)
Joe Peake (Headmaster, St George’s College, Weybridge)
The Hon Martin Penney (Headmaster, Bearwood College)
Ian Power (Headmaster, Lord Wandsworth College)
Gareth Price (Headmaster, Thetford Grammar School)
Martin Priestley (Headmaster, Warminster School)
Colin Reid (Headmaster, St Christopher School)
Lynne Renwick (Head, Our Lady’s Abingdon School)
Bob Repper (Headmaster, Wisbech Grammar School)
David Richardson (General Secretary, The Society of Heads)
Douglas Robb (Headmaster, Oswestry School)
Christopher Robinson (Headmaster, Hipperholme Grammar School)
Michael Scullion (Headmaster, Our Lady of Sion School)
John Shinkwin (Headmaster, Princethorpe College)
Philip Skelker (Headmaster, Immanuel College)
Paul Spillane (Headmaster, Silcoates School)
John Sweetman (Headmaster, The Read School)
Michael Symonds (Headmaster, Bedstone College)
Elizabeth Thomas (Head, Stonar School)
Nigel Thorne (Headmaster, St John’s College, Southsea)
Andrew Tibble (Headmaster, Ewell Castle School)
John Tolputt (Headmaster, The Purcell School)
David Vanstone (Headmaster, North Cestrian Grammar School)
Richard Walker (Headmaster, Portland Place School)
David Ward (Principal, Bredon School)
Nick Ward (Headmaster, The Royal Hospital School)
Andy Waters (Headmaster, Kingsley School)
Nigel Williams (Head, Leighton Park School)
Simon Wilson (Headmaster, Halliford School)
Michael Windsor (Headmaster, Reading Blue Coat School)
Simon Wormleighton (Headmaster, Grenville College)