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Juliet Humphries
Deputy Chair
Helen Williams, CB, MA
Chief Executive:
Cheryl Giovannoni
The GDST is a family of 23 independent schools and two academies located across England and Wales. Our schools represent the very best in teaching and pastoral care. We foster academic excellence but also build character, helping girls to be confident, resilient and fearless. Whatever her disposition and direction in life, we strive to create environments where each girl can learn without limits and thrive in her own way.
The Trust was founded in 1872 and throughout our history we have been at the forefront of education for girls and a strong voice in promoting opportunities for young women.
Today, the GDST is a vibrant, successful organisation and our schools are some of the very best in the country. Each one has its own distinct identity, but they all share a common purpose: to help every girl fulfil her potential and make her dreams a reality, for the benefit of everyone. Each school is characterised by a broad curriculum, academic excellence and rich programme of co-curricular activities.
GDST schools
Blackheath High School
Oxford High School
Brighton & Hove High School
Portsmouth High School
Bromley High School
Putney High School
Croydon High School
The Royal High School, Bath
Howell’s School Llandaff, Cardiff
Sheffield High School for Girls
Kensington Prep School
Shrewsbury High School
Newcastle High School for Girls
South Hampstead High School
Northampton High School
Streatham & Clapham High School
Northwood College for Girls
Sutton High School
Norwich High School for Girls
Sydenham High School
Notting Hill & Ealing High School
Wimbledon High School
Nottingham Girls’ High School
GDST academies
The Belvedere Academy, Liverpool
Birkenhead High School Academy
Information on the Schools can be found in the Yearbook or on the GDST website: www.gdst.net
The Girls’ Day School Trust is a Registered Charity, number 306983.
The Girls' Day School Trust
10 Bressenden Place London SW1E 5DH
Tel: 020 7393 6666