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It is the objective of the Association to offer guidance and support and to encourage the application of the highest of medical standards in the educational environment. MOSA offers its members mutual assistance in promoting school health and the holding of meetings for consideration of all subjects connected with the special work of medical officers and health professionals of schools.
Medical officers of schools and medical and dental practitioners, nurses and health professionals especially concerned with the health of the schoolchild are eligible for membership, and members of the teaching profession, and those related to independent school management, for associate membership. The membership currently stands at 290.
The work of the Association
The Council meets three times a year and is chaired by the current President, Dr Stephen Haynes, MO to Bloxham School. MOSA council members are available for advice to members and non-members. Members have access to a secure online discussion forum where questions and topics are discussed giving access to up-to-date resources and peer support.
Two clinical meetings are arranged each year at a member school. Research projects are carried out individually and collectively. The Association strongly recommends that all independent schools appoint medical officers to carry out preventative medicine duties which are undertaken in maintained schools by the School Health Service.
MOSA Consultancy Service
MOSA offers a consultancy service for any school which will offer a review of the medical care provided within the school environment.
This can be tailored to the school’s needs but tends to be one of two types:
• A general review of the overall medical/nursing provision in the school
• A review of a specific area of concern.
Initially there will be discussion between the MOSA team leader and the school representative so that the Terms of Reference can be drawn up. MOSA will then provide the necessary team to perform the investigation with the most suitably qualified professionals, being able to draw from a pool of highly experienced school doctors and nurses. The team will then visit the appropriate areas of the school and carry out any necessary interviews.
If you are interested in this service, please contact the Executive Secretary, email: mosa.execsec@gmail.com.
The Association publishes administrative and clinical guidelines for its Medical Officers; these are updated regularly and can be found on the Association’s website.
For further information about the Association and other related business, enquiries should in the first instance be directed to: The Executive Officer: email:
For administrative information and background please contact:
The Executive Secretary
Tel: 07928 562605 • email: