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Independent Schools Council
Description: Independent Schools Council
Independent Schools Council
The ISC is established to support the aims and objectives of its member associations; to provide authoritative research and intelligence about the sector; to promote public affairs and parliamentary engagement on behalf of the sector; to provide online access and support informing parental decisions; and to promote the sector through agreed national messaging and communications.
The Constituent Associations of the ISC are:
Association of Governing Bodies of Independent Schools (AGBIS)
Girls’ Schools Association (GSA)
The Heads’ Conference (HMC)
Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS)
Independent Schools Association (ISA)
Independent Schools’ Bursars Association (ISBA)
The Society of Heads
The ISC’s Affiliated Associations are:
Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA)
Council of British International Schools (COBIS)
Scottish Council of Independent Schools (SCIS)
Welsh Independent Schools Council (WISC)
Barnaby Lenon
Chief Executive
Julie Robinson
Independent Schools Council
First Floor, 27 Queen Anneʼs Gate, London SW1H 9BU
Tel: 020 7766 7070